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Hindukush Bridge ICT Services Company is a Kabul based company specializing in providing internet services to NOGs, Government, local offices and Home Users in Afghanistan. This company is 100% Afghan owned and its operations are managed by a team of highly qualified professionals having over a decade of experience in the various areas of ISP and ICT sector with different national and international organizations.

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Shamsuddin Khaliqyar | CEO of Hindukush bridge isp
Shamsuddin Khaliqyar
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Surf the web at lightning fast speeds

Broadband Internet via Satellite
Advanced internet communication has been considered the new basic need of today’s modern world.
GSM Backhaul
The global demand for voice and data services delivered over cellular networks continues to grow exponentially.
Virtual Network Operator (VNO)
The VNO is a provider of management services for service providers and customers who does not own its ...
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What kind of equipment is required to receive services from your company?
Our company is an information and communication technology service company, and to receive our services, equipment such as antenna, router, cable, and an internet package are needed.
Is your internet connection or dedicated?
In response, I must say that our internet is fully dedicated and has the best quality, and you can use our internet as a trial.
What is the difference between your company and other companies?
Yes, there are many companies in the city that do our work, but the difference between our company and others is the quality of the Internet, excellent services, the least disconnection and connection, and the satisfaction of our current customers.
Can we benefit from your services without visiting the office?
Yes, you can use our services without coming to the office, please call one of our sales department numbers.
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شرکت خدمات اینترنتی هندوکش بریج
شرکت خدمات اینترنتی هندوکش بریج
شرکت خدمات اینترنتی هندوکش بریج
شرکت خدمات اینترنتی هندوکش بریج
Hindukush Bridge

Empowering you with blazing fast internet

Be assured of our Online Support, efficient, fast and 24/7/365 We service our Clients on a professional basis. We are equipped with industry-leading support tools; we are dedicated to resolve service requests effectively and efficiently.

Unlimited Package
We have provided various packages for unlimited internet for our users so that everyone can choose according to their needs.
Limited Package
Our limited packages with high speed with limited daily use and unlimited daily use along with free night use are at the service of our dear customers

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