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About Us


Hindukush Bridge ICT Services Company is a Kabul based company specializing in providing internet services to NOGs, Government, local offices and Home Users in Afghanistan. This company is 100% Afghan owned and its operations are managed by a team of highly qualified professionals having over a decade of experience in the various areas of ISP and ICT sector with different national and international organizations.

Hindukush Bridge has a great partnership with most of main player in the satellite and Telecom industry. We are offering many added value services to our partner/customer all over Afghanistan, along with 24/7 hours Network Operation Center.

Hindukush Bridge ICT Services Company functioning under a valid License Number (66724) issued by Ministry of Commerce and Industry by the name of Hindukush Bridge ICT Services Company the Company has professional and technical staff in various fields such as surveying, analyzing, budget estimation, project management, reporting and documentation, data related issues.

Shamsuddin Khaliqyar | CEO of Hindukush bridge isp
Shamsuddin Khaliqyar


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