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1 What kind of equipment is required to receive services from your company?
Our company is an information and communication technology service company, and to receive our services, equipment such as antenna, router, cable, and an internet package are needed.
2 Is your internet connection or dedicated?
In response, I must say that our internet is fully dedicated and has the best quality, and you can use our internet as a trial.
3 What is the difference between your company and other companies?
Yes, there are many companies in the city that do our work, but the difference between our company and others is the quality of the Internet, excellent services, the least disconnection and connection, and the satisfaction of our current customers.
4 Can we benefit from your services without visiting the office?
Yes, you can use our services without coming to the office, please call one of our sales department numbers.
5 Do you have an additional package?
Our supplementary package includes all equipment and internet package and is for our new subscribers.
6 Can we increase or decrease the speed of our packages?
First of all, it should be said that the speed of our packages is fully measured
The package is yours, but if you need, you can customize the speed.
7 How many offices do you have in Herat Province?
We have two active offices in Herat province.
8 Do you want a discount if the number of our links from your office is high?
Yes, we have permanent discounts for the number of your links.
9 What is the best way to contact you?
You can connect with us in any way, in person at the office, direct call, send a message, communicate through HinduKush Bridge pages.
10 10. Do you have a secure internet?
Yes, we provide you with safe and high security internet.