Mikrotik Wireless Solution

Mikrotik is a leading brand providing high quality, cost effective wireless solution. Hindukush Bridge is Providing Fixed wireless services for PTMP and medium range PTP using Mikrotik high quality devices to enable customers communicate to the world with lower latency and super reliable service. Contact Us

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Microwave Solution

Microwave communication is method of wirelessly sending data. It is very similar to radiotechnology. Microwaves are right next to radio waves on the electromagnetic spectrum. Microwave is a powerful tool wherever data must be transmitted a long distance without physical wires. This is common in rural mountainous regions such as Afghanistan, where installing physical transmission […]

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Hindukush Bridge Fixed Wireless Services

Hindukush Bridge ICT Services Company has recently signed an agreement with most reliable GSM provider in Afghanistan to expand its Fixed Wireless Coverage all over Afghanistan. Gratefully we are able to provide Fixed Wireless Internet Services to most of the provinces of Afghanistan. We enabled cost effective solutions and quality services to all Government, NonGovernment […]

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Realizing the increasing role that media plays in daily life today, Hindukush Bridge’s media network solution meets the requirements for an integrated transmission and management system, which processes diverse bi directional traffic types while automatically controlling multiple space and ground segment resources. It is ideal for high-speed contribution and distribution of any live or on-demand […]

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SCPC Services

The VSAT SCPC (Single Channel per Carrier) service provides a dedicated single signal at a given frequency and bandwidth. The SCPC solution is designed for applications that require highbandwidth, point-to-point connectivity in simplex, duplex and either symmetric or asymmetric configurations. The SCPC service can be used for a wide range of applications including Internet trucking, […]

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Virtual Network Operator (VNO)

The VNO is a provider of management services for service providers and customers who does not own its telecommunication infrastructure or wishes to lower their cost of ownership when entering new markets. Hindukush Bridge VNO service is reliable, scalable and cost-effective, supporting critical IP applications across Cellular, Enterprise, Maritime, Oil & Gas and Utilities sectors. […]

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GSM Backhaul

The global demand for voice and data services delivered over cellular networks continues to grow exponentially. Hindukush Bridge ICT Services Company bridges the gap between isolated rural areas and emerging markets to expand the service footprint regardless of distance, geographic obstructions or lack of infrastructure. The bordering nature of satellite coverage allows operators to locate […]

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Broadband Internet via Satellite

Advanced internet communication has been considered the new basic need of today’s modern world. Hindukush Bridge ICT Services Company provides broadband internet via satellite (Kuband and Ka-Band) thereby accommodating satellite internet access on a variety of platforms including iDirect (TDMA, SCPC), and DVB-S2, and Hughes with the teleport backbone in Europe and Asia, the company […]

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